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Text by Sung Hwan Kim 김성환
from the performance WATERMELON SONS directed by Sung Hwan Kim in musical collaboration with dogr aka David Michael DiGregorio
with Byungjun Kwon 권병준 on guitar

and the voices of the watermelon sons

Your lips are sweet but I wouldn’t know
This is the premonition of nights in the day

Two hands read a Braille
Between two shoulders is a torso
Between two words a flat surface
Between two eyes a nose

Unison of boys
Unison of men
Men men men men men

Between them is many a year
Of groving, counting the knocks of a woodpecker, numerous calls, when deciphered, forms a message like:

Your lips are sweet
but I wouldn’t know.

Text by Sung Hwan Kim 김성환
from the performance WATERMELON SONS directed by Sung Hwan Kim in musical collaboration with dogr aka David Michael DiGregorio

a quotation from a conversation between dogr and Sung Hwan Kim in the book SUNG HWAN KIM: TALK OR SING:
“On ‘serial gestures’
SHK: I was reading GHOSTS by César Aira. He only writes
short novels. He doesn’t make compilations because he thinks of short novels as an independent format. I got to know him through reading Roberto Bolaño, who regarded Aira as one of his favorite writers. In GHOSTS, Aira talks about architecture. He envisions the city (Buenos Aires) filled with different types of architecture: architecture that was there, architecture that could have been there, architecture in a changed format co-existing with the other.
The story is about a Chilean immigrant family living in Argentina. The father works as the superintendent of a condominium under construction in which he lives with his family. The other creatures in the building are ghosts. The family sees these ghosts, and there is no question about whether or not these ghosts should be feared. They just co-exist. In this song, the line ‘when she goes up, she walks through concrete’ is Aira’s line from the story, and I make up other images I see when I read between the lines.”

when she goes up she walks through concrete

walking around letting in air like ideas

some are useful

send them to the bureaus

where heart births another heart

it is all mine

these limbs and nods

they will work the day

to feed the others

and my guilt

for not being better

as told

ahead in Myths.

Sung Hwan Kim just posted the full SUMMER DAYS IN KEIJO—WRITTEN IN 1937

with much music by dogr

just slush

“Greensleeves” is a folk song from England circa the late 16th Century. The lady wears green, so the gentleman clothes all his men in green in chivalrous tribute. He only wants her love, and yet, despite all his favors and his granting of all the lady would crave, she would not love him. He resorts to prayer.

Based on the Korean gut ritual performed by 김금화 as recorded by 김성환 in 2000. Song contains a short excerpt of this ritual.

From radio work commissioned by Bayerischer Rundfunk 2 (BR2). The full work, HOWL BOWEL OWL, is available at the Bayerischer Rundfunk website.

This song is a setting of a lyrical translation of the ritual by Sung Hwan Kim.

Let us out for the breeze outdoor
Let us go out for out there they call On black earth stand brighter people We will loom over and aid them
Were there a foe in mind you kept Let them loose and your love will fall
Let us go out for out there they call Let us out for the breeze outdoor Come follow me
To open the closed gate
to the road y’ll come follow that is raw and long along The road you will tread with the big spirit back
You will go and find no end Have you gone —
then you’ll go again
Just come follow me
On this road you walk
stones and rocks are in rooted There are thorns in bushes
Climb the mountain Tread the water Water deep
Water shallow Water cold
Water warm All is there
If this road wearies you birth strength;
lend courage
Hammer away all hardship Win and carry on
See far
Own strength Resolve your heart Imprint in that heart the path that you tread
You must needs walk see high You must needs walk think deep
If your eyes are on the front leave them to see your path If your eyes are on the side leave those lids closed
You must need knead your mind for your path is high yet so low so low that ‘tis deep
For you will wither after this path For you will fall after you wither
but if you wither then spring up
For you will fall more after you spring but if you fall more then spring more
Then you will again fall more.
Then spring up more again and once more
Fall again after your last fall Rise again after your last fall
Between these falls appear a place for you to stand
Come this way Come away near This much here
Catch this well
You must needs catch this well

text by Sung Hwan Kim

a live performance at Ilmin Museum in Seoul, 2013

featuring a quote from Charles Ives’ Symphony No. 2

since 1997 we’ve be running a small but superb label called sonig which released over 80 records of artists too good to be successful. we’ve thrown down a mix of some of our most favourite tracks to remind you of this musical exquisiteness and to encourage you to keep on supporting idiosyncratic music producers and uncompromising labels. if you like to get your ears stuck up your brain contact frank at sonig to order vinyl, cd’s or other germs directly from the source: mail(at)

yours, jan, andi & frank


1. Workshop - Für Wen? - Sonig 19
2. Wevie De Crepon - The Wobbler - Sonig 25 
3. Uské Orchestra - Ta Douceur Déguisée En Silence - Sonig 50 
4. Vert - Part Four - Sonig 12 
5. Nathan Michel - Dust - Sonig 46 
6. SUN OK PAPi K.O. - Star Daughter - Sonig 53 
7. Kevin Blechdom - Gravity - Sonig76 
8. Jason Forrest - Nightclothes - Sonig 48 
9. A&E - Gauche - Sonig 28 
10. Audiogarde - Black Math - Sonig 65 
11. F.X.Randomiz - DD-Kito - Sonig 07 
12. Baleine 3000 - Fa Nal - Sonig 84 
13. Michel Waisvisz - A Cheval - Sonig 45 
14. DJ Elephant Power - Trop Vite - Sonig 58 
15. Schlammpeitziger - Behäbige Alarmschwarmlage - Sonig 68
16. Lithops - Dsp Litter - Sonig 31
17. C-Schulz & Hajsch - (Untitled) - Sonig 13 
18. Esognomig ‎– Esognomig A - Sonig 09
19. Dogr - This City Has Changed - Sonig 77
20. Xberg Dhirty6 Cru - Anruf von Label - Sonig 79

Music by dogr

I have posted a lot of music on my tumblr site (via soundcloud), and much of it can be found in the posts dated between 2005–2010.

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